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Internet phone service - more flexible, for less


Phone over Internet - more flexibility, for less

Our Voice over Internet phone service means every New Zealand business can now afford an intelligent, modern phone system.

When you choose Conversant, you wave goodbye to big phone bills and expensive, under-used PABX boxes.  We host, manage and maintain your phone system for you. You can avoid upfront costs, in easy monthly payments.  Our phone over internet service makes great sense for any medium or small business.

Pay substantially less for a smarter, more flexible phone service -

If you want a fully featured PABX for your business – but not the outlay and upkeep costs of expensive hardware – our voice over Internet PABX service,Extreme Voip, is perfect for you.  It will give you a sophisticated Internet phone service that is easy to scale up, or down, when it suits you. PLUS you’ll make big savings on your monthly phone bills.

And for businesses with multiple locations and mobile teams, Conversant can give you a substantially better service than your current telecom provider or PABX system.


The simple way to cut the cost of business calls – 

You can make substantial savings on your monthly business phone bill by switching your calls to Extreme, Conversant’s proven phone over internet (VoIP) service. Escape the tyranny of big telco calling costs and charges for line rentals, voicemail and call waiting 

An affordable phone system with ‘room service’ built in –

If you manage a hotel, motel, serviced apartment, private hospital or rest home,Extreme makes it easy and affordable to offer your guests a phone in their room and to manage calls to and from your office and reception.  

What do I need?

We’ll set up everything for you, to make it easy.

All you need is:

  • a broadband internet connection – at least full speed ADSL. 
  • any web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • a traditional phone and ATA or a VoIP phone or software running on your computer or a suitable mobile phone – to give you a SIP2 compliant device.